Go To Eleven

Level Up Your Sound

Go To Eleven is the collaborative name for three young freelance audio technicians & musicians. We aim to use our technical experience for more than simply amplifying or recording sound, and instead focus on helping the artist, the performance or the event impact an audience in the best possible way.
The result is tailor made sound - an experience designed by our artists and customers, with our help, both live and recorded.

So go to eleven, and level up your sound.

Jonas Meirschaut aka The Dread-locked, Goatee'd Hippy

Jonas is a graduate of SAE Brussels and long-time resident mixer of the Kinky Star Club and various live bands. As much a recording technician as a live technician, he is also employed in various bands as a reggae bass player, stoner bass player, metal bass player... basically, if it ain't low, he can't be bothered.